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    The purpose of this Forest Sustainability Knowledge Hub project is to share news, reports and other content on the latest developments in the field of forest sustainability with stakeholders in the forest risk commodity supply chain, to help stakeholders share, build, research and build capacity to enhance the application of sustainable palm oil certified products and other forest-friendly certified products, and ultimately to promote industry development and reduce "deforestation risk".

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    Monthly Newsletter · Issue 15


    Issue 15 includes excerpts from India, Indonesia and Malaysia on palm oil import and export policies and prices, focuses on questions about the sustainable supply chain of Astra Agro Lestari in Indonesia, the deforestation in the opposite supply chain of Procter & Gamble, and the main conclusions of the Asia-Pacific Palm Oil Market Report 2022.

    Special issue 03 includes excerpts from India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Nigeria on palm oil import and export policies and prices, as well as Efforts of GAR, Ferrero and Unilever to promote sustainable palm oil, and information about the cooperation between Music Mas and various parties to promote the development of renewable agriculture. This issue also excerpted "Green Finance and Building Sustainable Palm Oil Value Chains in China", the latest CDP forest report and relevant information about regenerative agriculture.


    Monthly Newsletter · Special Issue 03