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    The purpose of this Forest Sustainability Knowledge Hub project is to share news, reports and other content on the latest developments in the field of forest sustainability with stakeholders in the forest risk commodity supply chain, to help stakeholders share, build, research and build capacity to enhance the application of sustainable palm oil certified products and other forest-friendly certified products, and ultimately to promote industry development and reduce "deforestation risk".

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    Monthly Newsletter ·

    Issue 09

    This monthly newsletter features excerpts from reports on policies related to palm oil exports and prices in both Indonesia and Malaysia. It selects developments from companies such as Nestle and MP Evans and research from the Malaysian Palm Oil Board. Finally, the issue also focuses on the initiatives of NGOs such as MPOC, Greenpeace, and Preferred by Nature in promoting palm oil marketing and addressing deforestation and climate change.


    Monthly Newsletter · Issue 08

    This monthly newsletter features excerpts from the latest policies in various nations and regions including Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Malaysia, as well as sharing the developments from enterprises such as Malyan Bank and McDonald’s, focusing on the production and supply of palm oil, with a spotlight on NGOs like MPOC and FAO, in terms of the palm oil market and deforestation.