The press conference of "Survey of Responsible Companies in Key Industries in Shunde: An Analysis Report"

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 On February 5, 2018, the “Survey of Responsible Companies in Key Industries in Shunde: An Analysis Report” (referred to as the “Report”) was held in the Shunde Library Wenshu Bookstore (Social Enterprise).

Mr. Liang Xikai, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce of Shunde District, Dr. Guo Peiyuan, Co-founder and General Manager of SynTao, Deputy Chief Economist of China Textile Information Center, Chief Researcher of Social Responsibility Office of China Textile Industry Federation, Dr. Liang Xiaohui, Mary Kay (China) Co., Ltd. Ms. Zhang Jing, Vice President, Mr. Wang Wei, Director of Group Integrated Management Department of Xishan Furniture Co., Ltd., Shunde District, Foshan City, and Mr. Li Yunguan, Director General of Social Innovation Center of Shunde District, Foshan City, attended the on-site sharing of frontier trends, interpreted report points, and jointly discussed the company’s The opportunities and challenges faced in practicing the "good economy".

Excellent Enterprise's "Responsible Economy" Practices


According to the report, the interviewed companies pay high attention to environmental issues, such as:energy conservation, emission reduction and green upgrading systems and constantly improve their internal environmental management. They hope to gradually achieve green transformation by improving the environmental performance of existing products (see Figure 1).



Figure1 The measures taken by the respondent companies in the green transformation


The company pays attention to employee welfare and development, occupational health and safety; at the same time, nearly half of the companies attach great importance to supply chain management and expect to achieve a win-win development with supply chain companies (see Figure 2).



Figure 2 Respondents' Measures for Supply Chain Management


Top Ten Trends of Corporate Social Responsibility in 2018

Dr. Guo Peiyuan, co-founder and general manager of SynTao, shared “the Top Ten Trends in Corporate Social Responsibility in 2018”. He said: “Entrepreneurs should think about a problem----what do you contribute to a better life? How do you reduce the negative impact on the society in the process of providing services in the company's production process, and at the same time enhance the positive influence of the company on society? This is the core, most important social responsibility and social value of the company. Then it is the so-called donation of money and charity. This is my understanding of the good economy."




During the roundtable dialogue, Dr. Guo Peiyuan and Ms. Zhang Jing, Mr. Wang Wei, Dr. Liang Xiaohui and Director-General Li Yunguan discussed how to promote good economy in Shunde.




As Liang Xikai said: “Shunde never lack the wisdom of corporate philosophy and business thinking to runenterprises. We sincerely hope that more business will join the field of social services, and actively create shared value, working together to build a innovative, coordinated, green, and open New Shunde.'” 


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