CRO Forum | The First CRO Forum in Chongqing Was Held Successfully and the New Development of Corporate Social Responsibility in Chongqing was discussed

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On the afternoon of December 6th,  "The First CRO Forum and CSR Report Research Achievement Seminar" co-sponsored by Siemens Corporate Social Responsibility Promotion Center and SynTao was successfully held in Chongqing International Center in Palm Springs.

The seminar invited Gui Hao, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of Intel Products (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., Ouyang Chi of the Changan Ford Government Affairs and Administration Department, General Fund of the Shanghai Rende Foundation He Fanfan, and Liu Yun, a partner of SynTao, to discuss CSR from different perspectives. The relationship between corporate social responsibility and corporate, NGO, and society. A number of enterprises and public welfare organizations in Chongqing have also actively shared their corporate social responsibilities in the development of public welfare activities.



Ms. Liu Yun, a partner of SynTao, analyzed the CSR and sustainable development of the company under the new situation. She explained in detail how corporate social responsibility can help companies achieve long-term, sustained, and robust development. The relevant data on the research results of the CSR report in Chongqing was shared, and the status of the CSR report in Chongqing was comprehensively analyzed from the number, space, and basis of the CSR report issued by Chongqing enterprises.



Mr. Ouyang Chi of the Chang'an Ford Government Affairs and Administration Department introduced their CSR practices in terms of the structure of the CSR Committee, the management mechanism, the optimization of project operations, and the corporate culture connection.



Intel's business development and responsibility development is synchronized, and the creation of synergy value is inseparable from Intel's corporate social responsibility planning and management. This includes Intel product liability, Intel supply chain responsibility, Intel EHS (environmental health and safety) responsibility, and Intel employee responsibility. (Humanistic Care) and Intel Community and Educational Responsibility.



Ms.He Fanfan , from Shanghai Rende Foundation, explained how NGO and corporate social responsibility have developed in a coordinated manner from stakeholders, resource sharing and social issues.

This CRO Forum is the first salon for corporate social responsibility held by SynTao in Chongqing. Since its launch in 2010, the CRO Forum has been committed to promoting the promotion of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development issues.

At the same time, it actively builds exchange and cooperation sharing platforms among enterprises, public welfare organizations, and social innovation organizations.

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