Top 10 CSR Trends in China (2020)

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Date: 2020-02-14

Issuer: SynTao

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Trend One: New Starting Point

The year of concluding the Three Critical Battles and preparing next 5-Year-Plan


Trend Two: New Image

Communicating Chinese stories by supporting UN SDGs


Trend Three: New Rural Areas

Building a sustainable model for eliminating relative poverty 


Trend Four: New Fashion

Piloting waste sorting and zero-waste cities


Trend Five: New Wave

Responding to climate change by carbon reduction 


Trend Six: New Disclosure

Strengthening quantitative and carbon disclosure in ESG Reports


Trend Seven: New Benchmark

Improving governance of companies through ESG rating


Trend Eight: New Communication

Innovating stakeholder communication in the 5G era


Trend Nine: New Boundary

Extending responsibility along value chain and value network


Trend Ten: New Risk

Dealing with ethical risks in new technologies


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