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Study Introduction

China is on the way to a sustainable future…

With building a Sustainable future becoming a priority in China, the outlines of the government's current five-year plan for economic and social development in China puts a strong focus on innovation and green economy. Consumers’ engagement and support are critical for China to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals that the country is committed to achieve.

To develop a baseline picture of Chinese consumers' awareness, intents and behaviors toward sustainability and sustainable consumption and readiness to be engaged in sustainability efforts, SynTao partnered with Jiemian, one of the most famous social media platform in China, to conduct
an online survey of Chinese consumers aged mainly from 18 to 40 years across six regions, including South, North, East, Northeast, Southwest and Northwest.

It is particularly difficult to get to the truth concerning consumer behavior toward sustainability because of the gap that could exist between intents and taking actions. To get closer to the truth we asked our survey respondents about their perceptions as well as actual practices.

The data collected included: Consumers awareness of sustainability, consumers’ willingness to personally engage with sustainability efforts, products purchasing intents, buying decision criteria and how would the consumer prefer to be communicated to about sustainability?

The primary propose of this study is to provide, a comprehensive understanding of the changing attitudes and behaviors of consumers when it comes to sustainability. The study is grounded in insights that are critical for companies to further develop their sustainable efforts and brand awareness, as well as engage consumers in sustainability efforts effectively in the future. Through this study, SynTao and Jiemian also aim to engage more stakeholders to drive forward social and environmental progress. It is the first time for SynTao to undertake such a survey and we consider there is merit in repeating it in future years to assess how attitudes and behaviors develop over time.


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