Top 10 CSR Trends for 2017 in China

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Domestically, as the 13rd 5-year plan being implemented by the government, China's Plan Fulfilling the 2030 Sustainable Development Inititive has been launched in September,2016. Meanwhile, the 19th CPC Congress this year will mark the alternative of national leaders in a major country after Brexit and American Presidential Election. As the impact of G20 Summit and B&R Inititive steps into depth, the global economy has enter a post-TPP era. After 2016 as a starting year, cooperations need to have precise self-definition and implementation thus to seize opportunities and resolve challenges.

The Top 10 CSR trends 2017 is a fruit of Syntao and Infzm CSR Center's joint efforts, it is to help CSR practitioners better understand the situation as well as to have a clearer vision. Basing on our thoughts and observations of CHina's CSR development in the past decade, these 10 trends is an overall analysis on CSR development for the coming year.

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