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In recent years companies from around the world have flocked to China, attracted by its rapidly growing economy, expanding markets cheap labour, and low standards for environmental protection, health and safety. That is changing -- dramatically.

By October 2011 there were over 730,000 multinational corporations (MNCs) registered in China. Although MNCs brought the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to China, studies show under-performance, both in comparison to their practice in developed countries and with respect to rising Chinese expectations.

While relatively new in China, CSR has developed quickly. Both Chinese governments and the public demand that businesses improve their performance on public health, environmental protection, worker safety and social development. Regulatory compliance and image marketing will be inadequate.

In practice, however, it matters less what motivates improved performance and more how one responds in effective and practical ways that benefit not only business, but society as well.

The primary purpose of this guide is to help CSR practitioners and business leaders to make that transition to society oriented CSR and to:

  • understand the benefits of substance over appearance,
  • grasp the importance of CSR in China and trends that lie ahead,
  • develop meaningful CSR programs that meet societal and business needs,
  • build productive, long-term community relationships, and
  • learn from successful experiences and best practices in CSR

Summary-CSR Guide for MNCs in China

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