Share Value and Corporate Philanthropy

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Compared to the traditional donations, corporate strategic philanthropy have more contribution outlets beyond the financial and material giving, besides, the enterprise could also adopt the human resources contributions or make use its social relations to extend the causes relate to their strategy.

The varieties of enterprise‟s contributions can dispel suspicion as “whether GIVING MONEYcan equal to be responsibility for society”. In strategic philanthropy, companies could not just simply donate money to the beneficiaries, but mobilize all the available resources to serve the sharing value of the two sections. In this process, the enterprises not only do good things but also do the right things which enterprise should hold as the member of the society.

This report aims at help corporations:

  • Integrates corporate philanthropy with developing strategies and CSR missions
  • Focuses corporate philanthropy on the social issues which improve competitive background and long-term development
  • Associates corporate philanthropy with company's own advantage on expertise and resources
  • Achieve common value of company and society

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