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As the demand on ESG disclosure of the listed companiesis increasing, more and more investors agree that ESG index is important in evaluating companies. 


In 2020, there will be 46 cities in China taking garbage sorting policy. Shanghai, which is the first city to engage garbage sorting, provides rich experience to other cities. 


Besides, along with the end of poverty, the development of technology, the tense relationship between countries, and the severe consequence of global warming, industries and companies are facing challenges. 


Facing the VUCA environment,


How can we deal with all the problems with CSR?


What's the influences of government policies?


How might we grasp the future CSR trends of 2020?


All the answers can be found in ——


 CRO Global Summit 2020



Date:January 9th, 2020

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CRO Global Summit was established by CCM in 2014. Based on the professional and networking accumulation of the CRO Forum, together with the pioneering enterprises that practice CSR and excellent sustainable brands at home and abroad. This summit will stand on global business growth, focus on responsible business development and sustainable practice, and explore new trends in business development in the future.


In this year, we will invite top international and domestic companies, international organizations and network representatives to explore the future business patterns and trends driven by sustainability. The summit will focus on three main topics: ESG Disclosures, Zero-Waste City & Sustainable Life, Poverty Alleviation & Rural Revitalization, providing opportunities for exchanges and collaboration among participants, and thus promoting the global sustainable development goals in Chinese market, helping to realize a win-win development of business and social environment.

Straight to the Future - ESG Disclosures

The society pays more and more attention on sustainable development, and thus global trade markets claim that enterprises should provide disclosures on ESG. IOSCO also brings up that requirement to strengthen the supervision on enterprises. 


What should corporates do to adjust to a new change? What’s the effects and trends of ESG reports in the future? We will invite ESG experts  to discuss about the ESG features and future trends of ESG reports in this summit.

Zero-Waste City & Sustainable Life

In 2020, there will be 46 cities in China taking garbage sorting policy. In 2019, garbage sorting in Shanghai has brought heated discussion. What’s the influence the garbage sorting brings to enterprises, government and citizens? Along with the garbage sorting policy, the concept of zero-carbon rises again. What should enterprises do to engage sustainable design and green supply chain management in their products' life cycles? Are there any business opportunities coming up in the post-consumer industry? We will invite various characters who play different roles in zero-waste city to discuss about this topic.

Poverty Alleviation & Rural Revitalizaion

In 2020, China’s program of Fighting against Poverty will finish its first stagetask, with overall poverty alleviation of the poverty-stricken population in rural area. The next stage is to improve life quality, to revitalize rural area, and to bridge the gap between rich and poor. 


How should companies do to adjust their poverty alleviation strategies to fit the government policy and to build new CSR strategies? In the summit we will invite experts from government and industries to discuss the future changes of poverty alleviation.

Why should I attend?


There are big maters of industry at home and abroad gathering in CRO Global Summit. You can get acquainted with CSR managers from different fields and countries in a time.  You can also learn international CSR cases, and domestic CSR cases that have global horizens. 



Every year, CRO Global Summit will focus on government policies and hot issues. From CSR to sustainable business,  summit will show up CSR trends and policy orientations in a comprehensive way. 



CRO Global Summit was called CRO Forum before. Summit inherits the word-of-mouth accumulation over the years. There has been over 1,000 business representatives attend the summit, expanding the impact scope and brand image of CRO Global Summit. 


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Date:January 9th, 2020


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CCM CSR PROMOTION CENTER (CCM) is a joint project between GIZ, SynTao and China Credit Information Service (CCIS) launched in 2006. The CCM directory contains profiles on government, international organizations, enterprises, service providers, non-government organizations(NGOs), media, academic institutions and online resource providers. Our CSR definition consequently covers diverse fields, such as labor standards and supply chains, anti-corruption and transparency, environmental protection, health and safety, philanthropy, education, arts, women and children protection, social responsible investment (SRI), etc. Profile of organizations provides information on their background, summaries of relevant CSR activities, project partners and publications. Profile of practitioners provides their CSR background and experiences.







SynTao is the leading independent consultancy in China, promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR), focusing on CSR consulting, education and investment. Our services cover CSR strategy and management, report coaching/writing, stakeholder communication, CSR project design, monitoring and evaluation, corporate case development, corporate culture etc. With the global vision and localization practice, we are committed to work together with our customers to develop and implement sustainable development solutions. While gaining competitive advantages, we also create shared value for the community. Now we have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Washington D.C.




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National Business Daily is one of the most influential, credible and authoritative mainstream financial and economic media in China. It has more than investment and wealth management. It rapidly grows into 50 million users in 205 countries and regions around the world. With the concept of "News Decide Influence", National Business Daily focuses on corporate news, one of the most influential, credible and authoritative mainstream financial and economic media in China. At present, National Business Daily has formed a media industry cluster with eight communication platforms and eight strategic platforms, with over 50 million media users and users in 205 countries and regions around the world.

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