【Last Call】 2020 CRO Global Summit Agenda

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CRO Global Summit was established by CCM in 2014. Based on the professional and networking accumulation of the CRO Forum, together with the pioneering enterprises that practice CSR and excellent sustainable brands at home and abroad, This summit will stand on global business growth, focus on responsible business development and sustainable practice, and explore new trends in business development in the future.

As the demand on ESG disclosures of the listed companiesis increasing, more and more investors agree that ESG index is important inevaluating companies. 


In 2020, there will be 46 cities in China taking garbagesorting policy. Shanghai, which is the first city to engage garbage sorting,provides rich experience to other cities. 


Besides, along with the end of poverty, the development of technology, the tense relationship between countries, and the severe consequence of global warming, industries and companies are facing challenges. 


In this year,we will invite top international and domestic companies, international organizations and network representatives to explore the future business patterns and trends driven by sustainability. The summit will focus on three main topics: ESG Disclosures, Zero-Waste City & Sustainable Life, Poverty Alleviation & Rural Revitalization, providing opportunities for exchanges andcollaboration among participants, and thus promoting the global sustainable development goals in Chinese market, helping to realize a win-win development of business and social environment.





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Date: 2020.01.09

Time: 09:00-17:00


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