Wayne Silby

Chairman and Co-founder

Mr. Silby is Chairman and co-founder of SynTao. He is founding Chairman of Calvert Funds, a $14 billion investment management group noted for their leadership in the area of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). Furthermore, Mr. Silby serves as President of Calvert Social Investment Fund, supervising its private equity activities, and as Co-Chair of Calvert Foundation, a $200m investment intermediary that directs capital into needy communities.

Guo Peiyuan

General Manager and Co-founder

Dr. Guo Peiyuan, who holds a Ph.D. in Management from Tsinghua University, is the general manager of SynTao and chairman of SynTao Green Finance. Dr. Guo Peiyuan continuously focuses on research and practices about corporate social responsibility (CSR) and socially responsible investment (SRI), with abundant experience on research, training and consulting services. Now SynTao has become a leading CSR consulting company in China with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu.

Wang Xin

Director of board

Mr. Wang is partner and CEO of SynTao with a profound understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) development in China. He holds extensive experience in CSR report writing and research, CSR evaluation and consulting, stakeholder engagement, micro-finance development, community investment and sustainable investment. 

Tessa Tennant

Director of Board

Tessa Tennant is a director of SynTao's board. She is also the Founding Chair of The Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia (ASrIA ) and president of The Ice Organisation (myice.com), a personal carbon management and loyalty programme. Tessa co-founded the UK's first equity investment fund for sustainable development in 1988. She was Chair and co-founder of the UK Social Investment Forum uksif.org and of the Carbon Disclosure Project cdproject.net where she is now a Trustee. In 2001 she co-founded and was first Chair of ASrIA and remains on the Board. She is the SRI adviser to Oxford University's Endowment Fund. She is also Chair of the Global Cool Foundation (globalcool.org)  In 2003 she received the Sustainability Leadership Award by SAM/SPG of Switzerland and in 2004 was joint winner of the City of Goteborg International Environmental Leadership Prize.

Tom Chang

Director of board

Mr. Zhang Dacheng is a director of SynTao's board. He is also president and Legal Representative of China Credit Information Service (China). He used to be Principal Partner of CCIS Property Appraiser Association (Taiwan), China Advisor of Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance, Research Fellow of Fudan University, System Manager of Dow Jones Market (Taiwan) and General Manager of Market and Commodity Quotation Daily Journal. His expertise is property appraiser, credit checking & analysis and market research.

Liu Tao

Partner and Vice President

Mr. Liu is partner of SynTao with extensive experience in CSR training and consulting for corporate, industry associations and governments in Yangtze River Delta Region. He focused on CSR information disclosure, CSR report writing and evaluation, and has participated in developing several local governments and industry CSR standards. He was also involved in revision work of GRI3.1’s Chinese version and Financial Services Sector Supplement (FSSS)’s Chinese version. Before joining SynTao, Mr. liu has long been engaged in financial work and credit rating service.

Peng Jilai

Partner and Vice President

Mr. Peng has years of CSR consultancy experiences and has served many MNC clients including Amway, Volkswagen Group China, Beijing Hyundai, Nissan, Abbott, CreditEase, Sony, IBM, etc. He is professional with CSR strategy and planning, CSR internal & external communication, CSR report training and writing, CSR program design and planning, monitoring and evaluation.

Liu Yun



Ms. Liu Yun is a Partner of SynTao,graduated from southwest jiaotong university, IPCAS of human resource management. She has 11 years experience in human resources management consulting, committed to promoting the enterprise human resources strategy development, education training, employee assistance, etc., she provides training and consulting services for several large enterprises, e.g. Dongfang Turbine, DEC, Sichuan Mobile , Sichuan airport group.

Fiona Lang

Partner and Vice President

Fiona has experience in multinational company and international public relationship company. She is now partner of SynTao and Director of China Sustainable Case Center, and is responsible for CSR consulting and promotion strategy. Prior to SynTao, she was Director of Public Affair at Walmart China, and was responsible for CSR strategy and conduction. She is focus on women independency, children’s nutrition and health, community etc.

Morgan Zhang


Morgan Zhang, Partner of Syntao with MA of Guangdong University of Finance and Economics.


Morgan has more than 14 years’ experiences on businesss sustainability with leading insight on business operation. Prior to Syntao, he worked for Business for Social Responsibility for 10 years as the Advisory Services Manager and Danone Aisa-Pacific for 4 years as Senior CSR Manager.


Morgan is expert in designing and implementing sustainability strategy, community risk management and mitigation, responsible sourcing, stakeholder engagement and reporting disclosure. His clients comprehensively include government, state-owned enterprises, multi-national enterprises and private companies, such as China Mobile, China Petroleum, China Metallurgical, GE China, Johnson&Johnson, L’Oreal, Qualcommn, Asia Pulp and Paper, Pingan Group, OCT, ZTE, AiYou Charity Foundation, etc.

Rainy Feng

Partner and Vice President


Ms. Feng is partner in Guangzhou office. She has rich experience in brand management for 12 years. She is good at making long-term sustainable development plan based on corporate's strategies and brand position. She is also doing well in evaluate corporate's current CSR situation, writting CSR reports to enhance stakeholder engagement, planning volunteer progtams, strengthen corporate culture construction and team cooperation.

Ruby Lv



Ms. Lv is a Marteting Director at SynTao, who has been engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consulting and Social Responsibility Investment (SRI) research. She has assessed and analyzed dozens of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices and their impact on social and environmental contribution, with extensive experience in CSR evaluation and consulting, SRI, CSR report writing.

Zhang Sheng


Mr. Sheng ZHANG has contributed more than 14 years of professional NGOs and CSR career development in China. He has rich international program execution and cross-culture communication experience. Now, he is one of the partners at Syntao, a leading CSR and sustainability consulting firm in China since last October. Before this, he worked in a global leading real estate company, CapitaLand, mainly focus on its China CSR matters. He was also in charge of global campaigns at WWF for more than 2 years and lead the China operations of a US-based microfinance NGO for more than 5 years. He has rich in-depth views and working experience of China’s rural development, environmental protection/wildlife protection as well as poverty alleviation work among women and children in China. Mr. Sheng ZHANG holds an MBA degree from the University of International Business and Economics in China.

Zuo Guangqing


Ms Zuo., having master degree in Central Finance University, is the partner of SynTao, and has working experience in Top 500 multinational business for over 10 years. She aims at sustainability consulting and has provided consultancy services to many famous national enterprises, foreign enterprises and private enterprises.

Liu Wei

Project Manager

Mr. Liu Wei obtained master degree of Environmental Sciences in Wageningen University, he works as a project manager in SynTao, responsible for CSR strategy development, CSR reporting, CSR program design & implementation, as well as the international & national related policy analysis.


Before joining SynTao, Mr. Liu Wei worked in governmental agency and international organization, he is proficient in project management on the field of sustainable development, and good at synergizing efforts among government, corporate and NGOs to jointly promote economic development, environmental protection and social harmonization. 

Li Haoran

Project Manager


Mr. Li is project manager of SynTao. He served CSR counsluting projects for more than 10 famous business including China Mobile, China Bank, China Pacific Isurance ect. He has rich experience on nonfinacial information disclosures, stakeholder engagement, environmental management, charity program assessment, and has profound observation in industries like finance, ICT, F&B, and internet. 

Xu Wei

Project Manager

Ms. Xu is project manager at SynTao. She is mainly responsible for counselling on CSR. She has rich experience in planning sustainable development strategies, writting CSR reports, communication with stakeholders, counselling on climate change and sustainable development index ect. 

Xie Yilu

Project Manager

Mr. Xie is project manager at SynTao. He devoted in sustainable development management consultancy for more than 10 years. He is responsible for palnning sustainable development strategies, writting CSR reports, conducting CSR programs and so on. He used to work in Global Top 500 corporates and sustainable consultancy at home and abroad. He also has rich experience on CSR publicity, brand management, CSR training etc.

Li Nan

Project Manager

Mr. Li is project manager at SynTao. He is responsible for designing conducting and assessing charity programs for companies. He majored in corporate volunteer programs and statistic management, and also engaged in making CSR strategies and writting CSR reports. Since joining SynTao, he has provided services for Bayer China and Volkswagen China on CSR programs and volunteer programs. And he also written CSR reports for Amyway China, HYUNDAI, FAIRLINE, Toyota etc.

Chen Ying

Senior Consultant

Ms. Chen is a Senior Consultant of Sustainable Development Case Center. She has concentrated in promoting sustainable education in higher education in China through innovative way since 2012. Ms. Chen works in close co-operation with numerous of representatives from academia, media and NGOs, corporations etc both in China and abroad with a broad understanding of Chinese public welfare affairs and business sustainable development. Ms. Chen obtains deep knowledge in climate change and green economy while leading the research projects on Carbon Disclosure Project and green economy course development. Ms. Chen previously worked for China Philanthropy Times as director of business development. Ms. Chen owned many years’ working experience in either state owned company and foreign companies.

Li Wenbo


Mr. Li is a Senior Project Manager at SynTao. He holds a wide understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) theory and he gained hands-on experience in report analyses, climate change issues and stakeholder communications. Mr. Li supports SynTao's clients in establishing and maintaining stakeholder communication platforms and manages and develops their customized information streams.Mr. Li contributes to the ‘"A Journey to Discover Values’ reports, a yearly study by SynTao on the specifics of sustainability reports released in China and the annual publication of the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) China report. In addition, he is responsible for the management of several websites under the SynTao brand.

Low Ming Hwee


Mr. Low Ming Hwee is a Consultant of Syntao. He focuses on the organization development aspects of the company. Trained in Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and facilitation, Mr. Low has rich experience in organization development, systems review and change management as well as with CSR and NGOs in China and abroad. Prior to joining Syntao, Mr. Low was Head, Systems Review, in the Organization Development Division of the Ministry of Education in Singapore.

Zhao Hang



  • BA in Law
  • MA Human Resource Management 
  • Previously a CSR professional working for a multinational chemical company. 
  • Member of Swedish Institute Management program Alumini
  • Currently an independent trainer on Design Thinking 、HBDI, cross-cultural communication, also partner in a Beijing based social enterprise focusing on children’s education of traditional Chinese culture.